Feb 282010

As our boys head into their new season, I thought it would be fun to put together a chart of their record thus far. You can sort the table by date, opponent, or any other column.

Here is the list of all games played to date:

9/5/2009National Fusion 00B S23Houston Labor Day CupU10 SilverGroup Stage
9/5/2009SCFC '00 Boys White32Houston Labor Day CupU10 SilverGroup Stage
9/6/2009Bear Creek United Tigers04Houston Labor Day CupU10 SilverGroup Stage
9/19/2009Chivas Houston - Blue26HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
9/26/2009LAFC Houstonians 02 Red90HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
10/3/2009Inwood Houston Lions B 00-0117HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
10/17/2009HE 01B Arsenal43HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
10/24/2009Eclipse Galaxy B 0143HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
10/31/2009West Houston SC 00/01B Red41HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
11/1/2009LAFC Houstonians 01 Red23HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
11/7/2009LAFC Houstonians 01 Red23HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
11/14/2009Chivas Houston - Blue11HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
2/5/2010HE 02B Rangers50Houston Express Adidas CupU9Group Stage
2/6/2010Eclipse Galaxy B 0133Houston Express Adidas CupU9Group Stage
2/6/2010HE 01B Liverpool50Houston Express Adidas CupU9Group Stage
2/7/2010Space City Futball SCFC '0180Houston Express Adidas CupU9Final
3/6/2010West Houston SC 00/01B Red63HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
3/20/2010Chivas Houston - Blue24HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
3/27/2010Eclipse Lunar B 0117HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season
4/17/2010HE 01B Arsenal52HYSA LeagueU9 WSRegular Season

Here is the record for each competition and overall:

CompetitionWinsTiesLossesGoals ScoredGoals AllowedGoal Difference
2009 Labor Day Cup10259-4
2009 Fall HYSA League4142927+2
2010 Houston Express Adidas Cup310213+18

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