Mar 022011

The season is finally starting!  Parents, here’s all the information you need for the game:

  1. Our opponent for Saturday is Westbury Tigers.  They played in the weak division last season, and must have felt pretty good about their performance as they’ve moved up to our division (average).  I’ve not seen them play; perhaps Guray can comment about their performance last season.  As the visitors HYSA rules state we will wear our regular (blue) jerseys and not have to change if there is a conflict.  That said, please bring your son’s white jerseys as a backup option.
  2. Game time is 11:15am; please arrive by 10:45am to help your son get properly warmed up and ready for the game.
  3. Snacks and Drinks.  No one is signed up yet, because I only just put the signup list up :).  Here it is; please sign up.
  4. The location is Ron Meeks Field, 10425 Rampart, in the box formed by S. Braeswood, Chimney Rock, Willowbend, and Hillcroft.  See map below.  We are on field S1, and I believe there is only the one field there.  Parking looks to be behind the swimming pool, with the field behind that. The rain-out number is 713-729-6062.
  5. This might be a good time to mention that I am awaiting one more Twitter subscriber before I start using it.  You will be thankful when you get lost trying to get to a field sometime :)  Wondering what I’m talking about?  Read about it here.

View Ron Meeks Field in a larger map

  2 Responses to “Matchday 1 Preview”

  1. We (Man U 01) did play the Westbury Tigers and we won 3-2. They didn’t strike me as a very competitive team. If my memory doesn’t fail me, and if this is indeed the same team, they had 1 or 2 very good players who incidentally scored the goals.

    • Comme c’est étrange. aucun nom n’est donné mais les responsables se renescainsont toujours quand ils ont tord. La vrai nature des gens finit par sortir. Il y a peut être une justice et une justesse dans ce monde.

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