Feb 132011

I’m not really sure why Revolution KAOS (who after spending the entire season in the bottom 2 slots of the table suddenly found themselves challenging for 3rd place) chose not to show up for the game.  I am pleased and grateful that the U13 Eclipse team stuck around and played our boys; I hope and think it was a fun way to end the season.

I want to say thank you to all the players who came out and played, whether to just one game or all eight. You were all an essential part of our success, and every player should feel proud of what they accomplished this indoor season. I also want to thank all the parents who dragged their kids out to Stafford, often on beautiful Saturday afternoons. I will likely run an indoor team again this summer, hopefully at a facility closer to us (Kicks in the Heights is starting their youth leagues this Spring and will hopefully continue them this summer, while a new facility is being built fairly close to South Campus, which may be ready in time for the summer), and I will let everyone know as the Spring season starts to wind down.

Now that the season is over we can tally the cost.  It works out to $10/game.  Below is a list of each player who appeared in at least one game and which games they played in, with a total owed.

You can pay me either by sending me a check (email me for address), bringing one to a game or practice, or my preferred method: through Paypal.  Not sure how? It’s easy.  Just follow the instructions here.

Here’s the list of who owes what:

If you feel I’m mistaken about any of these figures please let me know.

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