Feb 112011

Some very weird things happened last week in the indoor soccer games:

  1. Our 4-8 loss to Santos Juniors was recorded in the standings as a 0-0 tie.  I have no idea why.
  2. The worst team in the league, Revolution KAOS, beat Eclipse Solar, the 2nd best team (who had previously lost only to Santos, the best team) 5-0!
  3. The 5th place team won 7-0 over the 4th place team!

That is some serious strangeness.  Although a loss turning into a tie only affects our standings minimally (we should have 56 points and -7 goal difference, rather than 57 and -3), the other results mean our 3rd place finish is in jeopardy!  Win or tie and we finish 3rd.  Lose, and our opponent will take 3rd–and don’t forget they crushed the 2nd place team last week.

So… who’s going to defend Express honor and maintain the top-half finish we deserve?

Here’s the list of who is currently signed up to play in Saturday’s 1:45pm final match of the indoor season


Alexander Blankenship
Dylan Dreghorn
Jackson Kelso
Julian Meyers
Seth Rock
Noah Ryan
Jacob Van Brunt
William Wallace
Alex Wintz


Jackson Douglas
Daniel Mirzai
Jacob Tulek

Not Available

Andreas Mason
João Mitchell

We could use some help, as we only have 9 confirmed players right now.  Let me know if your son can come out for a strong final game!

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  1. Julian is still questionable for play. If his energy comes back today he will be there but based on yesterday I would not count on him.

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