Feb 072011

Well, I never got around to a seperate review for Matchday 6 so now I’ll just combine the two games.

Two losses, one close and one not close, one disappointing and one I’m proud of.

The first thing I’d like to clarify is that it is true that we were “robbed” by a referee’s poor call in the Matchday 6 game.  Tied 6-6, with 30 seconds left, a player on the other team fell down, then played the ball to his teammate who scored on the play, allowing them to win 7-6.  The referee should have whistled the play, as it is illegal to play the ball while on the ground, preventing them from scoring.  As they had already given up more than 5 fouls, it then would have been a shoot-out opportunity for us, and a good chance to win the game.

However… this perspective fails to keep in mind two important things which our boys will hopefully learn from this game:

  1. The referee didn’t ignore the call because he’s a cheat, or doesn’t like us, or likes the other team, or is a “bad” referee.  He just didn’t see it.  It is impossible for a referee to see everything, and sometimes things don’t work out our way, but other times things do work out to our advantage.  It just happens, in games and in life, and there’s no point in complaining about these things.
  2. The game was not lost because of the referee’s “non-call”.  We lost the game because we let them score 6 goals against us before that goal.  In other words, if we had played as well as we can, I feel we were a much better team and the illegal goal wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game.  There is a saying I’m fond of which says “you must play better than the referee.”  In other words, play so well that if you have bad luck with the referees it doesn’t matter, the outcome stays the same.

On the other hand, there is an awful lot to be proud of in the game last weekend against Santos.  Let’s start with the score, 8-4.  Here’s a list of the scores of Santos’ previous 6 games:

Week 1: Santos 6, Eclipse Solar 5
Week 2: Santos 9, Chelsea 2
Week 3: Santos 9, Man U 1
Week 4: Santos 6, River Plate 0
Week 5: Santos 8, Revolution KAOS 1
Week 6: Santos 7, Eclipse Solar 4

They are a very good team, and the interesting fact I note is that only 1 other team has been able to score more than 1 goal against Santos this season (Eclipse).  Even in our previous game, which was a much worse defeat for us, we scored more against Santos than the other teams have been able to do.  This alone is something to be proud of.  What else should we feel proud of?  Our fight, our passion, our unwillingness to give up that allowed us to play them almost even after giving up the first 3 goals.

I am proud of our boys; I think we’ve played well this season (though always with room for improvement), and we’ve always shown an enormous amount of heart.  There is one game left in the season; I hope we can go out with a bang and make our hold on 3rd place unassailable.

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