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Things are still up in the air about Matchday 7, as there are two potential problems:

  1. Weather.  If the weather on Friday includes lots of ice, it may not melt before we have to drive out to Stafford.  That would definitely be a no-go.  When I talked to Southwest Indoor Soccer, they didn’t seem to believe weather would be a problem.
  2. Players.  No players from Barcelona will be available, as their first tournament game overlaps the indoor game (this includes João, who will be a guest player with Barcelona).  Chelsea players will have only an hour between the end of the indoor game and when they are expected to be at the field for their tournament game.  The tournament is the priority; I don’t want players who are exhausted from playing in the indoor game and unable to play well in the tournament as a result.  To wit, if I can’t get at least 9 players for Saturday’s game, I will forfeit the game rather than let the boys get too tired out.

Please check the player list below and let me know if your son will be able to play, assuming weather conditions permit.  Here’s the information you need for Saturday’s game:

  1. Saturday’s game is at 10:00am, and will be held (as will all games) at SWIS (Southwest Indoor Soccer). They are located at 12950 Sugar Ridge Boulevard,Stafford, Texas 77477 Phone: (281)564-7947. This is very close to the intersection of W. Airport and Murphy Rd. See map below.
  2. If this is your son’s first game, please arrive 20 minutes early to give yourself time to get an ID card. You will also need to fill out a medical release. You can do so at the facility or save time by downloading it (here), filling it out and bringing it with you. Otherwise please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to account for any difficulties getting here. The facility is a machine for producing games, and the games will start on time no matter what.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, you can read the complete rules of indoor soccer here, or find a summary of some of the differences here.
  4. Our opponent is Santos.  This will be our second time playing them, and I seem to recall there was no jersey conflict, so we should be fine in our blue jerseys (or any blue shirt) and bring a white as a back-up. Don’t forget to bring shinguards, as well. Footwear can be cleats, indoor soccer shoes, or regular athletic shoes.

Please check the list below and make sure your son is listed correctly!

Currently the following players are scheduled to play:

Alexander Blankenship
Andreas Mason
Julian Meyers
Seth Rock
Noah Ryan
Jacob Van Brunt
William Wallace
Alex Wintz

These players may be available:

Jackson Douglas
Alex Rivero
Jacob Tulek

These players are unavailable:

Dylan Dreghorn
Jackson Kelso
Geroge Marvin
Daniel Mirzai
João Mitchell
Luke Nicol

The rest of you have not told me your son’s availability for games. You can do so here.

So we currently have 8 players lined up to play, and many of those signed up to play may reconsider.  Please let me know your son’s status, even if listed correctly! I don’t want to make any assumptions about this game.  I don’t want to forfeit, but I don’t want to tire the boys out excessively, either.

Here’s the map. I find the two best ways to get there are either to take 59 to W. Airport, turn left, and turn right on Sugar Ridge just past Murphy Road, or make your way south to W. Airport and turn right, going almost all the way to Murphy Road and turning left on Sugar Ridge.

View Southwest Indoor Soccer in a larger map

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  1. Jacob Tulek will be available to play at 10. You might consider the game a warm-up for the tournament.

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