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This is the end, and the beginning.  Parents, there a few (maybe quite a few) things I wanted to mention about the season past, the season(s) upcoming, and the off-season.

First, I’d like to talk about the season just ended.

It’s been a pleasure for me to coach your children; I’ve had a lot of fun and I feel they have, too.  I think when I look back on what  they’ve done this season what I would say is they’re starting to “get it”.  In other words, at the beginning of the season the team really didn’t have an idea of “how to play”, and now they are beginning to grasp the basics of team tactics.  We’re sending the ball up the sidelines and away from the middle more, and just beginning to get the idea of how to interchange, as well.  This is great progress, I believe, and I look forward to seeing what they can learn over the next season.

Next Season

As I mentioned at the party, I don’t know what will happen next season.  Looking at the past, the club lost on average 1/4 of the players, and filled the stronger teams by moving players up from the lower teams.  However, this season it looks like 01B Bayern may have been constructed with most of the players who were likely to leave.  So that leaves me really uncertain of what will happen next season.  That said, however, I do think that the majority, but not all, of Chelsea players will stay together.

I have given a lot of thought to how Express divides up the teams and I think it’s contrary to the goal of player development; I plan to work on trying to change the club’s policies.  In the meantime, I feel that each player should aspire to improvement, and that includes aspiring to move up to a higher ranked team.  I can comfortably say that the level of soccer skill and soccer knowledge is, for the most part, no higher on the more advanced teams, and that any of our players could play on those teams.

As a result, I would like to see everyone come to tryouts (Tues Jan 18th and Thurs Jan 20th, 5:30-6:50pm on field L4), and work hard to show those trainers who don’t know you what a good player you are.

The Off-Season

There is a lot going on during the winter.  To start, you need to register your son if he wants to play in the Spring (registration is open now and will continue through January 10) and there are tryouts in January (18th and 20th).  Training for the Spring season will begin in early-to-mid-February, while the games will start the first weekend in March.  Express is also running a soccer camp (or two) over the winter break.  Dec 20-23 will be the dates of the camp run by Vedad and Eric.  Registration can be done on the Express website.  There is supposedly another soccer camp from Jan 4-7 called “Big Cat Soccer camp”, but no other information is provided.

We have registered our indoor soccer team, with lots of players; but if you haven’t signed your son up and think you might want to we can always make room for him.

We will also try and organize some informal training sessions over the winter breaks.  I will keep you informed on the website about upcoming events.

Finally, the Houston Express Champion Energy Cup will be held the first weekend in February.  Those of you who participated last year will remember it as a lot of fun, and I plan on entering the tournament (although I don’t yet know whether it will be with the fall or the spring roster).

At this point, if you wish you may feel free to unsubscribe to the website.  I will continue posting information about the indoor team, along with posts about soccer on tv and great goals.  So, while you are certainly welcome to stay subscribed to the site, you can unsubscribe if it annoys you.

Hope to see you all in the Spring, or even sooner.

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  1. Jason, thank you for the end of season note. We really appreciated all your efforts. The boys are much better for your efforts. I have really enjoyed watching all the boys learn and grow. Go Chelsea!

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