Nov 162010

Parents, there are a few things I wanted to clue you guys in on:

  1. Unfortunately I’ve had to miss practice tonight because Alex was sick.  Hopefully I’ll see everyone Thursday.
  2. The contest is still on!  The boys did great last Saturday with their headers; so good in fact that I wasn’t able to keep close tabs on it.  So I will get some more Amy’s bucks and give them out on Thursday, which means that what they do in Thursday’s practice will count, too.  The top 2 players will now win the prize.
  3. The US Team plays South Africa tomorrow.  Catch it on ESPN2 at 1pm.  Coach Bob Bradley pulled a few surprises with the roster, opting to bring in an extremely inexperienced group to get a chance to see who might be a future National Team star in the making.  This should be exciting.
  4. MLS Cup is coming!  On Sunday, 7:30pm on ESPN.  FC Dallas and the Colorado Rapids have advanced to the cup final, meaning the league is guaranteed a new champion (and their 9th different champion in 15 years of existence).  Check it out.
  5. Don’t forget that practices are ongoing.  Regular practice continues through Dec 2 (though we will have the 25th off).  Tuesday night goalkeeper practice with Steve will conclude with the session on the 23rd.  Other goalkeeper practices have already ended, as has Speed & Agility training.
  6. Don’t forget I am putting together an indoor soccer team over the winter.  This is a fun way to keep your soccer skills up over the winter break, and I’m trying to set this up so that not everyone need attend every game.  Please fill out the survey to let me know if you’re interested, and feel free to email me or comment below if you have any questions about it.
  7. Also, don’t forget to fill out the survey about your soccer-related plans for the Spring Season.

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