Nov 162010

The season that won’t quit…. and important party information.

This Week

Tuesday, Nov 16, 5:30-6:50pm.  Practice.

Tuesday, Nov 16, 7-7:45pm.  I’m in the process of figuring out when exactly goalie practice ends and will let everyone involved know as soon as I find out.

Wednesday, Nov 17, 6-6:45pm.  See above.

Thursday, Nov 18, 5:30-6:50pm.  Practice

Saturday, Nov 20.  We will try to have the party this day.  Unfortunately, when I sent out the poll I didn’t get a single time slot that a majority of families were available for.  The Meyers’ have generously offered the use of their home on Saturday, and we could either have the party at around 12pm or around 3:30pm.  Please let me know by commenting below if your family will be able to make either time, both times, or neither.  Please comment as soon as possible so we can figure out if this needs to be done another time.

Next Week

Tuesday, Nov 23, 5:30-6:50pm.  Practice.

No practice Thursday (Thanksgiving).

  7 Responses to “This Week in Chelsea 11/15-11/21”

  1. Could make noon, but not the later time.

  2. On the 20th, we have a tournament that morning (for Braden) but will be free the rest of the day.

  3. William is flying to Toronto this weekend to visit with his Godmother who is battling breast cancer. He will be so sad to miss the festivities. Is this date confirmed?

  4. Sorry the Ryans will miss the party.

  5. Should we postpone to the tournament weekend or in January??? We would sure like most of the team to participate.

  6. Sorry Alex will miss the party. We will be out of town.

  7. Alex B will should be fine for most any Saturday. Let us know.

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