Nov 122010

Parents, although this last game of the season is a home game, it is not at our normal fields.  Read on for all the information for the game.

  1. Saturday’s game will be against Texas United Real Madrid 01B.  They are not one of the strongest teams in our bracket, but they have had good results of late.  I expect a hard-fought game.  We should be fine wearing blue, as I think they wear yellow, but surprises can always happen, so please bring your white jerseys just in case.  As the home team, we would have to switch if there is a conflict.
  2. Game time is 1:45pm.  Parents, please make every effort to be at the game 30 minutes early.  I have drills I would like to run with the boys; we will work on our theme of “patience”, and talk about the need to move the ball wide whenever possible, and concentrate on possession over attack.  We also want to remind the boys about the ice cream incentive program.  Also, arriving early helps reduce the anxiety and helps get your young athlete in the proper frame of mind to play.
  3. Drinks and Snacks!  A big “thank you” to the Gilmore family for volunteering to bring drinks and snacks.  We are all set for volunteers for the season, although we will need some for our final tournament, as well.  You can access the drinks and snacks sign-up at all times by hovering your mouse over the “Pages” tab on the top left, then clicking on Drinks & Snacks on the drop-down menu.  Mention the slots you would like to take in the comments section of that page.
  4. Weather may be a concern in this game; in fact, to protect the fields after heavy rain they may be closed even if the rain is not currently falling.  Please make note of the rain-out number, 281-397-4570, and assume nothing.
  5. This game is a home game, on field HES5.
    This is at Feld Park, which is located in Bellaire just inside the loop on Avenue B, just south of Bissonnet.  See map below.

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