Nov 102010

Just a quick note to talk about the wind-down of this season and the timeline over the off-season.

Our last game(s–if you’re in PDF) is/are this weekend, but other teams still have one more weekend left.

Practice nominally ends Nov 18th for most teams, but we will extend our practice due to our participation in the Eclipse tournament.  Speed & Agility training also ends that week (on the 16th).  There is no word yet on extending Speed & Agility in the off-season.

Thanksgiving week, we will practice Tuesday the 23rd, but obviously not Thanksgiving Day.

We will return to practice Tuesday the 30th and Dec 2nd, which will be our last practice.

Registration for the Spring Season will begin in early December.

December 3-5th are the dates of our tournament participation.

December 20-23rd Express will have a soccer camp, run by Eric and Vedad (both great trainers).  It will be held at South Campus, run from 9-11:30, and cost $175.  I recommend it, and I think Alex will likely go.

Tryouts for the Spring Season will be sometime in mid-January.  I highly recommend you bring your son (assuming he will play this Spring), as it is a rare opportunity to let the other trainers see what they can do.

According to Express, training for the Spring Season will begin at the end of January.  In my experience, the older kids playing at the highest levels begin training before the others, so I suspect training will actually begin in February.

“Will the team stay together?” is a question I’m often asked.  The answer, unfortunately, is “sort of.”  The core of the team will, I believe, stay together, but depending on how many players from the A and B teams return, they may pull some of our players to fill out those teams.  I believe last Fall-to-Spring the old Liverpool team sent 3 players to higher-ranked teams and lost 1 or 2 who did not play in the Spring 2010 season.  This is not a bad thing.  It is my personal goal that each player be able to play at a higher level (actually I truly believe they all can), and that they make the coaches’ decisions at the tryouts very difficult.  At the same time, this has been a great team and I enjoy the camaraderie of the kids and the parents, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the spring.

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