Nov 052010

Parents, let’s get the planning underway.  I’ve created a survey (I know–and I plan on doing two more during the next week or so) to figure out when the best time will be for everyone to hold the party, and also to figure out what kind of party we should have. The survey offers a lot of options, so please be patient and check all that will work for you.  Also, please make use of the comments section below to add your ideas for the party.  Finally, please don’t forget to respond to the first survey about tournament participation).

  4 Responses to “Let’s Plan This Party”

  1. Party locations: my house (I have a moderately sized backyard, no pool); also, since our last game is at Feld Park we could have a party there after the game.

  2. I would be happy to have the party at my house. We live near Richmond and Greenbriar and have a big backyard.

  3. Our yard is available for an afternoon cook-out. We have plenty of room for the boys to run around!

  4. vis, that's the sound of the red white and blew flapping in the wind of change. life on the planet is under assault -eastern arts offer the edgehelp chase them "crazy bald heads outta our town" as marley sang.thanks for your constancy.

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