Oct 262010

Parents, it’s hard to believe but the season will be winding down soon, and it’s time to start thinking about what happens next.

There are still three weekends left in the season, but I wanted to start talking about the end of the season, so that all were aware of all the options/possibilities, and could plan accordingly.

  1. Tournament. Officially, there are 3 weekends left in the season, with a game each weekend through the 13th of November (and only 1 remaining PDF game in that time, November 14th, if you are involved with the PDF games).  However, it is my intention to enter Chelsea in the Eclipse Academy Cup (Dec 3-5), a tournament you have already paid for.  I will put up a signup page shortly, so we can figure out who will be available for that tournament, and plan accordingly.
  2. End-of-Season Party. I think the kids on this team have gotten along really great, and have achieved great things as well, and I think they deserve a party (as do we parents!).  When to schedule it is the main question, along with what to do.  We could have the party after the tournament, or at the end of the season proper.  If anyone has an opinion on when and what kind of party they would like, comment below.
  3. Training over the Winter. Express will offer training camps during the winter holiday, although they have yet to release details.  The Houston Dynamo are offering a winter camp, as well.  They have a winter Elite and Elite Jr. camp (depending on the age–Chelsea players would, of course, be in the Elite Jr. camp).  The camp serves not only as a 4-day training session, but a tryout for the Dynamo Academy.  Whether the academy is in your son’s future or not, the sessions should be great.  More info here.
  4. Winter Indoor Soccer. I intend to run a team playing some form of indoor soccer over the winter season.  I ran one last season at Southwest Indoor Soccer, in Stafford, and it was a blast.  Express has in the past run a futsal league in the winter, and if available again I would prefer to do that.  If they can’t run it, Kicks in the Heights may start up a youth league and that would be my second choice, with Southwest Indoor Soccer my fall-back plan.  I highly encourage you to consider getting your son involved in whatever we do.  It’s great fun, great exercise, and will help your son not forget the great lessons they’ve learned so far this season.  Also, over the summer we recruited a large number of players, ensuring that not everyone need come to every game.
  5. Spring 2011 Season. I hope every one of your boys will want to be involved in the Spring season.  I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching every one of them, and I think they’re all great players who are improving dramatically.  I don’t know what the composition of the team will be in the Spring; I do expect changes, but I encourage everyone to come to tryouts for the spring when they happen and do their best to show what they’ve learned this season.  This spring will, incidentally, be the last season of 12-man rosters.  When they move up to U11 the rosters increase to 14, although the games are still played 8 v. 8, so you can be certain that by next fall the teams will be very different from how they are today.  I will post information about the tryouts as it is available.

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  1. Great note, we will think about all of it.
    Noah’s idea for an end of season party……a Kicks soccer party!? The kid can’t get enough of soccer!
    thanks for everything,

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