Aug 232010

Parents, If you’re looking for some tournament action for your boys Houston Express 01B Bayern Munich will be playing in the Houston Labor Day Cup and is looking for guest players.  One of the advantages of participation in this tournament is the presence of Dynamo players and a free ticket to a Dynamo game.

Coach Fetzer has extended guest player invitations to all the other Express teams, as he has 6 openings he would like to fill.  If anyone is even slightly interested please let me know as soon as possible, as the rosters need to be finalized soon.

One of the difficulties in entering a tournament is getting enough players.  Due to the level of activity (2 or 3 games in one day), it is really important to have as full a team as possible; at the same time it is rare that everyone actually on the team is available for a given tournament.  Thus the importance of guest players.  All teams will need guest players, and the more we help our fellow teams, hopefully they will help us when the time comes.

If interested or you just want more information, let me know by commenting below or emailing me.

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  1. Jason, we are in town and Noah would play if needed. A few of his liverpool buddies may be on the BM team.


  2. We are in town too. Is this for our team to play or for the boys to play on another team? Not clear from message


    • Wow. I hate to nominate my own work for awards but this post has to be a candidate for “Worst Written Post”. Sorry for confusion; the post has been fixed. To clarify: this is a request from our fellow Express team 01B Bayern Munich for any players available and interested in being part of their team for the tournament. Chelsea will not be in the tournament.

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