Aug 212010

I still have no followers on Twitter.  I want to remind you that my intention for the use of the service is only to tweet about time-sensitive, important issues such as rescheduled or canceled games, practices, or other events.  It also provides a way for you guys to give me (or each other) last-minute information, as well.  For example, if I tweet that practice has been canceled and you need to pick up your kids but you won’t be able to get there before the normal end of practice you can tweet a request for someone to help with carpooling.

If you’re not getting in to Twitter because you don’t want to, that’s fine.  But if you’re not doing it because you’re not sure how to do it, please email me or leave a comment below.  I can help you set up an account and get Twitter on your phone (I suspect this is the bigger hurdle).

I can start by telling those of you with iPhones how to get Twitter on your phone.  It is as simple as going to your app store, either through iTunes or directly on your phone, and searching for Twitter.  The first in the long list of apps to appear should be the one made by Twitter.  Just install on your phone (it’s free), and you can even set up your account on the phone.

For those who don’t have iPhones, I think we can figure out how to get Twitter applications on other smartphones, and if you don’t have a smartphone, this link helps you figure out how to set up Twitter through SMS (text messaging) on any phone.

Remember, my Twitter name is: he01bchelsea

See you guys there.

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  1. OK I now officially have a twitter account…I am 12Remington. Not sure what I do with it…?

  2. Sorry, I’m not a Twitterer.

    • Virginia, that is okay if you don’t want to do it; I’m offering it solely as a way for me to communicate urgent changes — field changes at tournaments or games, cancellations of games or practices, or other such events. In a situation where I’m at a practice you can even tweet back asking if I can drop your kid back home; or if someone in your area can. I will not be tweeting you guys about my dining-out experiences, exciting soccer news, or anything else. I am intending to use it purely as an urgent text-message alert.

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